Kayaking is a very accessible medium for getting up close with nature. It is also an activity that one can become accustomed to without any previous experience, especially with basic paddling instruction and while starting out in a sheltered setting. Children between the ages of 12-17 can sign up for a tour can if accompanied by an adult. A waiver form for minors will need to be signed by their parent or guardian.
The creek is a safe place for a novice kayaker to paddle, especially once the initial spring run-off has occurred. Nonetheless, participants will learn basic dry entry and dry and wet exit skills before we embark on the tour. We will also review basic paddle strokes, and how to assist in basic rescue. With every stroke, you will gain confidence and pleasure.
Participants will be required to sign a waiver form assuming all liabilities associated with the risks of kayaking in Willow Creek and Lake Winnipeg.
A selection of double and single kayaks and Canoes will be made available to participants. We will attempt to select a model that will work best for your skill level, personal preference, and fit. We will also provide custom fitting lifejackets and paddles, as well as safety equipment.
While kayaks, paddles, and PFDs, and safety equipment will be provided, participants are encouraged to bring:

  • A water bottle
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray
  • A brimmed hat
  • Water shoes (optional)
  • Rain jacket (check the weather before you arrive)
  • Change of clothes (as a precaution!)
Participants are to arrive a full half hour before the start of the tour.  This will ensure that a kayak, lifejacket, and paddle can be properly fitted to your paddling and safety needs.  This will also provide time to sign a waiver form and to pay on site.
As we paddle up or downstream on Willow Creek for a period of about two hours, we will be offered opportunities to appreciate:

  1. the specific species of birds, amphibians, fish, and reptiles in the Willow Creek area.
  2. the act of unexpectedly viewing species in its natural environment.
  3. interacting with nature in a non-invasive way.
  4. the uniqueness of kayaking in nature observation; the skills and love of paddling.
  5. the basic kayak rescue and safety procedures.
  6. the importance of the area for First Nations Persons, and for Icelandic and Ukrainian settlement.
Yes! Adult PSKA participants who book two tours throughout the 2018 summer will be treated to a third tour for free. Please contact PSKA after your second tour, and we will arrange for third adventure on us!
There are two options to pay: online booking OR pay in-person (cash only) on the day of your tour. ALL ONLINE BOOKINGS RECEIVE A 10% DISCOUNT, APPLIED AUTOMATICALLY! Participants who opt to pay in person on the day of your tour, must pay in cash.  Please arrive 20 minutes before the scheduled tour to allow time for this transaction.
Nature is in charge and we need to respect the conditions.  If a tour is cancelled, you will be alerted via email.  You may sign on for another tour and if that is not possible, you will be refunded your payment if you registered online.  If we encounter inclement weather while kayaking, we will return to the put in site.   Prepare for rain in any case.
We are counting on you to be there if you sign up in advance.  We will head out on the water with as few as two registrants, but not showing up results in a forfeiting of your payment if not communicated to PSKA  via email 24 hours prior to your tour.

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