Prairie Sea Kayak Adventures offer a unique experiential and emotional connection with nature, set in the heart of the Interlake. Our tours build appreciation for the diversity of species so often missed when we move more quickly.

PSKA is dedicated to providing opportunities to enjoy guided kayaking in a safe setting, namely Willow Creek (3 miles south of Gimli, Manitoba) which flows into Lake Winnipeg.  You will be provided a two hour guided tour of the creek where you can glide above the water’s surface, allowing you to get close to nature.

On specific days, outlined in the calendar, we provide special experiences as part of our kayaking tours (examples are yoga, birding, photography, celestial viewings, and other special events).  These packages provide fun and exciting ways to freely explore the Creek and Lake.

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We need the tonic of wilderness. We can never have enough of nature.
Henry David Thoreau

About the Area

Willow Creek is the terminus for a 1200 square kilometer watershed as it flows into Lake Winnipeg. 

Wetlands have often been described as the kidneys of the landscape because of the role they play in water and chemical cycles. Wetlands filter out sediment and pollution from the surrounding environment so that the water they discharge is cleaner that which entered the wetland. In this manner, wetlands act as both a sink and source, storing and passing on vital resources to their local environment. 

The Willow Creek is home to the tall grass and prairie marsh ecosystem that supports a wide variety of amphibians, birds, invertebrates, mammals, reptiles, and fish.  Over a hundred species of plants adorn the Creek as well. 


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Where will you find us?

Prairie Sea Kayak Adventures operates on the intersection of Willow Creek Road & Highway 9.

Driving directions:

The Willow Creek access is located at 107N (Willow Creek Road) at highway 9.  From Winnipeg, travel on highway 8 until Highway 519.  Turn right and travel East until highway 9.  Turn left on highway 9 and travel 4 miles North to the destination.  From the North, travel down highway 8 until you reach Gimli Park Road, turn left and then travel 1.5 km to highway 9.  Turn right on highway 9 and travel 5 km to the destination.

  • Distance from Winnipeg: 74 km
  • Distance from Gimli: 5 km
  • Distance from Winnipeg Beach: 9 km


Meet your Guide

Rob Jantz has over twenty years of kayaking and canoeing experience on flat and moving water. He possesses multiple years of leading school canoe trips, and is certified in First Aid/CPR, Boater Safety Courses, Boat Rescue Courses, Level One Flat Water Canoe Safety Course, Kayak Roll Clinic Course, and has participated in multiple canoe and kayak tripping on lakes, rivers, and ocean.

Most importantly, Rob is a lover of nature. Entering the 3rd Year of guiding with PSKA, he continues to be passionate about experiencing the unexpected gifts of nature while in the company of others.

Before you paddle:

Our aim is to provide you with a safe, enjoyable, exhilarating kayak adventure. There's a few things to know before embarking on a PSKA tour.



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