July 28: Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower

While buffeted on the waves, participants in this PSKA outing will take in the Delta Aquarid Meteor Shower on the moonless night of July 28th, the peak of this rare celestial phenomenon.

Typically, this shower produces the most meteors in the predawn hours and overlaps with the more well known Perseid meteor shower. It is typical to see up to twenty meteors per hour during this unique event. We will begin our paddle at 10 pm, which will involve a warm up paddle, pulling out our star charts to get oriented with the constellations (we are looking for Aquarius from which the meteors will radiate). Then we will raft up, turn off our headlamps, and anticipate the massive meteors that leave behind glowing ionized gas trails that last a second or two after the meteor has been vaporized.

Book early to reserve your kayak! Previous kayaking experience required. Headlamps provided.